A Poem on the Website of
the Red Dirt Writers Society

by D. J. Russell (Jun 2010)

More than in hands folded in devotion,
We show our love for our Father
In hands that reach out
To welcome the lost,
To cradle new miracles,
To steady our elderly rivers of wisdom,
And to help raise the fallen.

More than in our whispered nightly prayers,
We show our love for our Father
In sanctified utterances
That teach of faith and sacrifice,
That return love to those who love us,
That cause laughter to spill from the heartbroken,
That cause the blind to seek the Son,
And to remind all that they are not alone.

It is easier to thank Father
for the blessings of life and His love
Than it is to strive to be living reflections
Of our Father's love.
Perhaps, one day, when we
Point out the true miracles in the world,
We might find someone pointing
Back at us.

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June 2010.