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A President's Character
by Rosemary Eskridge (Jan 2012)

When picking a new President,

Character is what I most admire,

To create a more peaceful world

He must share my own desire,

To expand the frontiers of freedom

His help I would require

Restore American’s vitality

To which we all must aspire

I’d check his vision of commitment,

Does he know why he is there. 

A vision without courage

Is worth little if he can’t share,

I ‘d evaluate his purposes,

To see if he has thought them through,

A President can’t buy decency

With a critic at every view

Integrity must be evident,

Not attempts to construe

He must have fortitude and passion

To inspire policies anew

Intentions must be crystal clear

And contagious as can be

For he must swim against the tide

To unleash our economy

My president cannot rent morals,

They must come from within

His principals must incur conviction

Including faith to win

 My president needs high ethics,

For challenges that lie in wait

Loyalty, stamina, ambition

Enhance his presidential slate.

Patriotism, Idealism, and self-discipline

Will make his character expand

Displaying pride not prejudice

In this,  our sacred land

His description of character must consist of quality

His strength and judgment reflect personality

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