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Farewell Cecilia
by D. J. Russell (Sep 2007)

           If it were not for the curse of breath, I do not think we'd have broken the kiss. Even as we each gathered the fragrant garden air in our lungs, our lips continued to fleetingly touch.

          It was she that took the first step back, putting an unending space between us. I marveled at how lovely she looked, even in her sadness, her face and flowing black hair framed by the frosted lace of her dress.

          I raised my hand slowly to brush back an errant lock of hair from her face. Her hand grasped mine as it lingered. She squeezed it firmly but fleetingly. She kissed my palm before letting my hand fall useless and loved to my side.

          With no words left to be spoken, she turned and walked away. Within moments she was around the corner of the house and in the arms of the one who would be her husband by dusk.

          I turned as well, walking into her parentís formal garden, hoping to become lost in the beauty of the flowering plants and amongst the memories of my sweet Cecilia.




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