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First Kiss
by Harriet Morgan (Jan 2010)

††††††† Heís so cute. I wonder if heíll try to kiss me? Well, Iím not that kind of girl! Not on our first date!

†††††† Sheís really pretty and smells great! I wonder if sheíll let me kiss her good-night? Maybe Iíll move my arm across the seat and see what happens.

††††††† Oh, heís putting his arm behind me. Maybe I should just pretend I donít notice. Iíll just look out the window at the buildings as we drive past. Gosh, he smells good. I didnít know he used cologne or aftershave. Aftershave! Gee, I didnít even know he shaved!

†††††† Well, so far so good. She didnít pull away or say anything. I like being with her. This has been a great evening and will be even better. Iím sure glad Dad let me drive his new car rather than my old rattle-trap!

††††††† I donít know why I thought he was a nerd. Sure heís smart, but he looks good and smells so nice. I canít wait to tell Sally that heís not nerdy at all! She wonít believe it when I tell her he kissed me good-night. That is, IF I let him, of course.

††††††† Sheís moving closer. I love the way her hair lays on my arm and how it shines in the light. I canít believe she actually came on this date with me. At school she always acted like I wasnít worthy of her. Iím probably not, to tell the truth. She would probably be shocked to know that Iím thinking about kissing her good-night.

††††††† Oh, dear, thereís my house now. What should I say; what should I do? Heís turning the car off and turning this way!

††††††† Her eyes sure are big and bright. Maybe we can just talk for a few minutes. Then Iíll walk her to the door and casually pull her into my arms and kiss her. I hope my glasses donít get in the way!

††††††† Why is he just looking at me? Isnít he going to get out and open my door? Oh, weíre going to talk. Okay. Iíll tell him how much I enjoyed the movie and his company. Will that sound too hokey? What if he didnít like the movie? Gee, I didnít even notice the movie! I was just so aware of him!

††††††† She really liked the movie. I canít believe that I donít even know what the movie was about. It was so exciting to have her sitting beside me. Well, I guess itís time. Iíll open her door for her.

††††††† Okay, heís going to get my door for me. Iíll just pretend that Iíve done this many times before. He doesnít have to know this my first real date.

††††††† Well, this is it. She sure is pretty.

††††††† Heís looking at my lips. Heís coming closer. I hope my glasses donít get in the way! Gosh, he smells good!




††††††† Wow! Iím going to ask her out again.

††††††† I sure hope he asks me out again.


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