A Short Story on the Website of
the Red Dirt Writers Society

by Beth Stephenson (Sep 2007)


“Score!”  Max set the tiny dog on the floor by the computer desk and quickly tapped out the shipping order.  “Another bride will bedazzle her friends with a full-carat diamond ring.”  He didn’t correct the word ‘diamond’ aloud, but reminded himself, “If she suspects, the relationship was doomed anyway.”  He laughed aloud.  “If he suspects, he’ll read the description a thousand times and not find a lie.”

          Billy wagged his backside and Max sighed happily.  He was a thousand dollars richer and the day was young. Billy barked and Max opened the door enough for him to slip through.  He closed the vertical blinds.  It would be a hot day.

          He popped a beer and wandered to the front window.  “The grass needs cutting,” he mused.  The neighbors’ dog loped across his lawn from his side yard and he shouted through the glass. The dog didn’t stop to poop like he usually did.  He was concentrating on the huge gopher that hung limp in his jaws.  It was a hefty prize and the lilt in the dog’s step showed he knew it.  “To each his own,” Max thought.

          He went to the back door and opened the door for Billy.  Billy didn’t come. Max went out and saw the side gate open.

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