A Short Story on the Website of
the Red Dirt Writers Society

by Harriet Morgan (Jan 2011)

        “Why isn’t Jason answering his phone?” Alisha muttered to herself. Her usually beautiful face had undergone a complete transformation as she called her boyfriend’s number over and over and received no answer.

        Later, when her roommate, Molly, said, “Are you okay? Your face is really red.” It was all Alisha could do to answer calmly, “Yes, sure, I’m fine.” Of course, she wasn’t fine. In fact, she was fuming. Jason had always kept in touch with her and ALWAYS let her know where he was. Now she didn’t know what he was up to, and she was FURIOUS!

         When Alisha called one final time that night just before climbing into bed, at last there was an answer. She heard a woman’s voice say, “Hello.” It was such a surprise that she hung the phone up without saying a word.

        Needless to say, she didn’t sleep much that night. When she was fully awake the next morning, Alisha had a plan to get even with Jason. How dare he cheat on her!

        She spent a few extra minutes in her morning routine, making sure that she looked her best - clean, shiny hair and a perfect make-up job. She took her time choosing just the right outfit to wear. After rejecting a tailored suit as too severe, a black cocktail dress (a favorite of Jason’s) as too revealing, and a pair of jeans and shirt (that brought out the blue of her eyes) as too casual, Alisha finally settled on another blue outfit, a simple dress, that she deemed “just right.”

        Not wanting her car to be seen outside Jason’s apartment, Alisha parked in a grocery parking lot a couple of blocks away and then walked the rest of the way. When Jason answered the door, Alisha was slightly surprised to see that he was alone. They both smiled, hugged, and acted as though they were happy to see each other. However, Alisha knew that Jason was pretending.

        “Did you get my message?” Jason asked.

        “No,” Alisha answered.

        “My mom called me to come and help Dad with a repair on their car. It took nearly all day, so I just went to bed when I got home. Sorry I didn’t call again.

        “I did run an errand before coming home and I have a surprise for you.”

        Jason turned his back as Alisha said, “I have a surprise for you too.” She took the knife out of her purse and plunged it into Jason’s side.

        With a look of shock, Jason turned toward her and held out his hand before he fell face forward at her feet. Alisha picked up the small package he had been holding. In it was a lovely diamond ring!

            Just at that moment her cell phone announced a message from the day before. It was Jason telling her that he would be at his parent’s house all day and , “Oh, yes, I have a new phone number.”

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