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the Red Dirt Writers Society

Resting Easy
by Larry D. Foreman (Feb 2007)

        George gazed pensively out of the triangular window. He had been somewhat apprehensive about taking this trip. He thought about his wife and three daughters at home, probably worrying about him. His wife was strong and capable, but he knew she’d struggle with him gone.

        Everyone had been excited and elated when they left - broad smiles and waving hands everywhere. He had felt the energy and optimism and love of all those friends and co-workers that were wishing them well.

        He looked around at what seemed to be a zillion stars in the sky. He thought how trite but true that their sheer number made him feel small and insignificant. How many others were looking back from those stars thinking the same thoughts? Was someone really watching them all?

        His two partners sat silently beside him. “Good buds,” he said aloud. They had performed their assignments to a T. He was proud of them. He had done all he could himself; the job was done.

        A voice from the radio broke the stillness, “George, this is Manny at Mission Control. Your O-2 will be depleted in 10 seconds. Rest easy.”

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