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The Intruder
by Larry D. Foreman (Apr 2007)

The only member of the family allowed in Father’s den was the cat. I never could understand just what was so secret. Father spent endless hours in his den, and I yearned to be with him and share in his “secret” life. My father was a large man and had a deep, intimidating voice, especially coming down on the top of my head. I didn’t know him well because he was so reclusive in that secret den.

            One evening when Father and Mother were out to a social gathering, I decided to violate the sacred door and see for myself the “inner workings of the mystical chamber.” I suppose, being 12, I was like most young girls of my age - I thought I was smarter than most people, if not everyone, and especially my parents.

            Of course, the door wasn’t locked because Father’s commands were not disobeyed. Even though no one was home, I opened the door only a smidge and peered in carefully. The room was dark so I couldn’t see a thing. I opened the door slightly more, reached in and flicked on the light. The lit room appeared to be as uninteresting as the other rooms in the house - a desk with a swivel chair, two high-backed chairs, a bookcase, a file cabinet.

            Settling my eyes on the file cabinet, I decided that surely there were secrets hidden inside. Walking silently on tiptoes to the cabinet, I examined the drawers. The middle drawer seemed the most likely hiding place. I slowly opened the drawer and peered in at a hundred folders - each labeled at the top with a name. I pulled out the Ackerman folder and opened it. There was only one sheet of paper inside.

            Before I could examine the paper, I heard a sound in the house. “Oh, no, Mother and Father are home!” I quickly placed the folder back in the drawer and shut it silently. I tiptoed back to the door and swung it open. There stood Father glaring at me. I ran past him like a bullet and raced upstairs to my room. I was in great fear that he was in hot pursuit and my doom was at hand.

But, he never mentioned my intrusion - or anything else I can remember.

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