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Finding Barbara Ann
by Kim Burnham (Sep 2009)

They were in and we were out,
The football captains and cheerleaders,
Against us.
It was the colder war.

The Beach Boys joined the others,
A column of surfboard studded GTOs,
The in-crowd Green Beret -
Champions of the irrelevant.

It's hard to be like the Beach Boys
When your hair is wavy and brown
You're skinny, clumsy and slow
And your father is on oxygen.

I wondered why they sang about stupid things
And the dumbest line by far -
Kept repeating - bob around
Bob, bob, bob - bob, bob around.

Decades later, I took high school kids
To a space museum.
We attended the laser light show.
(It was an optics lesson.)

The colored beams danced to the old enemy -
The Beach Boys.
But now, there was no us and them.
The war was over.

Now, lead-footed old ladies,
And California convertibles seemed
Pure genius.
And I forgave the Beach Boys.

I brushed away the tears.
It would have been hard explaining
Why T-birds and surfer girls
Made the professor cry.

Even later, I discovered
That the line in the song
Was not bob around.
It was Barbara Ann.

No matter,
It makes me laugh.
And I like to bob around
For joys once lost, now found.

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