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It Builds
by Zack Savage (Jan 2012)

It builds, tumbling upon,
Like torturous spawn,
Beneath the stones of torment you are piled;
And then she smiled...

Life begins to lose its luster,
Despair is all that is left to muster.
Wrenched fists seek to draw their own blood,
As you watch the steady rising flood.

All you hold sacred seems defiled;
And then she smiled...
Within the thick mists of society,
Too perfect for variety.

Society? Nothing but a name,
For a place where people live and die the same,
Where men harbor all that is to be reviled...
And then she smiled...

Feeling nameless, faceless, conformed and void,
Totality seeks to see the self destroyed,
I felt like part of the masses to be ranked and filed...
Until she smiled.

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