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Me, Myself, and I
by Karen Kenyon (Mar 2013)

The door is open just a crack.
Which one of the three do you see,
The Me, Presented to others,
Myself as perceived by me,
Or the person I desire to be?
Which one of the three do you see?

Me, the one presented to others
Happy, strong, independent,
Capable to stand alone,
Willing to lend a helping hand,
But never in need of others,
Always in control with a plan in mind.
The Me that helps to hide the soul inside.

The one I perceive Myself to be is
Weak, afraid, unloved and alone.
A flower picked before it could bloom,
Innocence taken before it’s time,
Childhood stolen and replaced with fear,
A soul changed never to be the same,
Trust replaced by fear and hate,
A heart unable to love or be loved,
Walls built stone by stone to hide
The hurt and insecurities inside.

The person I desire to be
Is a fantasy living deep within me.
Dreams lost never to be realized.
Strong, secure, and independent,
Happiness within a loving family.
Dreams that could have been
Now turned into only fantasies.
Walls built to protect and surround,
Instead keep everything out.
Dreams that are now unattainable,
Become my secret hideaway.
In my secret place I dream,
And become the person I desire to be.

The door is open just a crack.
Which one of the three do you see
Me, Myself, or I?
I see all three.


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