A Poem on the Website of
the Red Dirt Writers Society

by D. J. Russell (Apr 2008)

Be ye Death who chases me
And places stones before my path?
Though I might fall along the way,
I will not lie still upon the ground.
I will, instead, stumble to my feet
And flee with laughter as you chase,
Until my heart and my lungs grow too weary
And the chase is finally complete.

And even then, Death,
When you have claimed your trophy,
My soul will sprint more quickly
Through the lightening void
Until my spirit says it is time to rest.

You of all should know that you cannot beat me;
You can only free me,
For my reward lies beyond our race
And beyond your reach.

For those who run with passion
And with faith,
You are but a waypoint
To God.

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