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Summer Drought
by Jayme Howard (Mar 2013)

Today my heart bruised.

A small vein tore and blood trickled, escaping from my heart into an empty cavity; filling a void, then disappeared on its endless journey.

The tear will mend, the heart will beat, but the scar will last forever; the memory will last forever.

The heat persisted as the blistering sun lingered; only dancing wings of locust gave proof that life existed.

Drought reigned.

With no mother's milk to share, the young fawn prince came to drink at pond's edge.

Wobbly rail legs, bent with exhaustion, leaned into the grassy berm for nourishment.

And then he was gone.

His proud mother, tall and glassy eyed, was lost to a woodland call.

I did not see these two again.

Drought reigned.

The sun rose upon the pond; another day of heat.

Today my heart bruised.

His small, fragile body silently was adrift, thirst quenched, spirit gone.

He slept.

Dreams of running with rabbits and dodging foxes; his days of princely youth, were not to come.

Drought reigned.

I waded in and with heavy arms brought him to his final place of rest in the bosom of the earth.

I will miss you fawn, the rabbits and foxes will miss you fawn, you are missed dear fawn.

Drought reigned.

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