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Sweet on the Lips
by Melissa Neely (Nov 2007)

A mother holds two babies;
She smells their hair
And kisses their faces,
The smell of honeysuckle sweet in the air.

One sweet girl, one honey boy -
Sweet Honey suckles at her breast.
Sweet on the lips, sweet to kiss,
One sweet girl, Evie Sweet.
One Honey boy, that grew and grew
And was John Honey evermore.

I held my little baby boy,
Smelled his hair
And kissed his face,
My own sweet Honey Boy heir.

Three sweet girls, two honey boys -
Sweet Honey suckles at my breast.
Sweet on the lips, sweet to kiss.
Three girls tender and lovely.
Two Honey boys, who grew and grew
And are their motherís Honey Boys evermore.

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