A Poem on the Website of
the Red Dirt Writers Society

by Betsy Randolph (Mar 2011)

I could not weep for years
Because of pain I hid
Until one night in dreams
My soul, the tears did bid

I dreamt I walked in shadows
Among a wood so dense
Until I came upon a house
Whose face was hid by fence

I scaled the wall around
And ventured to a spot
Where I could see more clearly
Inside this lonely lot

There were no tell-tale signs
Of any living being
Until I saw a stirring
And then I saw the thing

In a corner almost hid
From any peering eyes
Sat a child her back to me
But the form I recognized

She turned just then and on her cheek
A single tear did lay
It taught me what I couldn’t hear
And what she couldn’t say

I awakened from my slumber then
And much to my surprise
They lay in pools, on my bed
The tears that fell my eyes

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