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The Journey
by Tom Ray (Jul 2009)

Step by step I journey,
Not really knowing where.
The very face of God I seek,
To ensure He really cares.

I walk this barren wasteland,
The power of God I seek.
To have Him take me by the hand,
To lead me, though I'm weak.

Along the way I've stumbled,
And often times I fell.
To know You I am humbled,
You saved my soul from hell.

Times are tough; I'm at witís end.
Can you feel my pain?
My broken heart will You please mend,
Though this man is stained.

My body is breaking, my heart is aching,
My spirit needs to rest.
My solid ground now quaking,
Please lead me in my quest.

You said you would never leave me,
But I stand here all alone.
I'm scared; can You even see me?
I'm chilled down to the bone.

Fear has gripped me in its icy hand,
As I look to the sky.
As I wander through this desolate land,
I have to wonder why.

I sit upon the burning sand,
the sun beating down on me.
I feel You take me by the hand,
What wonders I will see.

I feel Your cool and gentle breeze,
Living water upon my tongue.
Bowing down, I fall to my knees;
A new life has begun.

Although weakened and I thirst,
My gait unsteady and each step hard,
I knew only to seek You first,
My spirit is not marred.

All this time I looked for You,
I thought You'd left my side.
My heart is cleansed and feels anew,
You were with me stride for stride!

For so long I've waited,
for a blessing such as this.
The gates I storm unabated,
This blessing I'll not miss.

Let my heart be open always
To do what You'll have me do.
And I will serve you always,
And my household will serve you too!

Thank you God for hearing me.
Now let my spirit man be still.
I asked You if You'd help me,
and You gently said, "I will."

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