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A Tribute to My Family in the Military
by Rosemary Eskridge (Nov 2010)

Uncle Don served in Desert Storm to show others liberty
He had to know everything that moved, whether on land, air or sea

Uncle Jeremy served in the 82nd Air Borne, parachute in place
          First to Go Defend our freedom, a very important race

Uncle Loy in Hawaii did serve an unusual mission
          Setting up sand tables of war games with dueling passion

Uncle Frank so many helicopters mission he did fly
Retrieving wounded soldiers so very sneaky and sly

Uncle David in Turkey did struggle to fight so many Fires
          Search and rescue of his warriors was his greatest known desire   

Uncle Ray in Korea did help revamp each plane
Wheels, wings, gears, and much more always to maintain

Uncle Robert so busy as an Air Force Safety Engineer
          Holding men accountable to thwart a salty tear

Aunt Dixie in Hawaii did work near Harbor of Pearl
          No time for this brave Marine to be a silly girl,

Cousin Mark scrutinizing the Navigator charts without fame
Thousands of feet in the air, did help refuel another plane

Your cousin Camille as a Supply Chief in Iraq did serve
Leaving  Toddler Twin Boys took quite some nerve

Cousin Robert Bennett as a USS Marine knew patrol
Cadence with the Marine Corp Hymn sang so bold

Cousin Winford standing on the Ships forward Deck
Oh so careful was his duty those missiles to protect

          Aunt Samantha directing family support and much more
          Greeting and saluting Returning Warriors who have come from the War

          Grandpa Horn as a North China Marine stood Guard
          Invasion of his country left endless memory of the chard   

Grandpa Eskridge on the fighter planes he did work
His duty to repair the radar, never did he shirk    

And now our Young Shawn in Afghanistan takes his stand
A country in peril , our American Soldier knows the plan

In our prayers , we keep them all, our thanks so very great
Peace on earth, good will to men, letís stop this world of hate. 

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