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When I Dream of Ice Cream
by Gordon Eskridge (Nov 2010)

Ice cream cold and sweet
French Vanilla canít be beat
Try Ben and Jerryís

Ice cream cold and sweet
Shakes or malts are quite a treat
Try Baskin Robbins

Ice cream good for any minor
Cake cones can be found at any diner
Try Kaiserís Ice Cream Store

Chocolate on the outside
Vanilla on the inside
Try Freddies Frozen Custard

Ice cream has no season
Billy Bars are just the reason
Try the Dairy Queen

Ice cream stores are good at teasing
Pumpkin Spice is very pleasing
Try Blue Bell at Walmart

Ice cream, cold and sticky
Makes your fingers feel all licky
Try Gandyís Home Made Ice cream

Letís try cones of sugar
Letís try cones of cake,
Ice cream at Braums is never fake

When youíre thinking of ice cream
There are three words that say it all
Cold stone Creamery

Ice Cream  just my passion
Diet, lite or just old fashion
Ice cream store we come a dash-in


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