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Who Nicked My Knickers?
by D. J. Russell (Mar 2009)

Who nicked my knickers?
Where can they be?
Certainly they couldnít
Have run far from me!

They were the yellow ones
That my Mommy just bought.
I must catch them soon
Before it is me that gets caught.

I looked in the kitchen,
But they were nowhere to be found.
I did eat a cookie,
Since there was no one was around.

Next came the family room,
Where Opa was sleeping.
I searched and I searched,
When I was sure he wasnít peeking

Every room did I search,
And no one gave me a glance.
So I continued my quest
For my new pair of pants.

If my Mommy caught me not wearing them,
She might think me naughty,
But that is why I removed them
When I went to the --- .

Potty! I knew in my heart that
Thatís where they should be.
I could only but hope
That no one got there Ďfore me.

Just as I got there,
The door opened wide.
I was no longer worried
And just smiled wide.

It was Opaís friend who lends
Each of us his back for lots of free rides
And who runs so we canít tag him
And who seeks while we hide.

As he stepped from the bathroom,
I peeked inside and looked all around.
My knickers were not there;
They were nowhere to be found.

I was suddenly very sad,
But Opaís friend only smiled.
I think that he remembers sometimes
When he was a child.

My Mommy called out my name;
So I ran behind him to hide.
His fists had been clinched,
But they were now open wide.

My knickers, bright and yellow,
Were hanging from his thumb.
I grabbed them and closed the door
While he stood watch and played dumb.

I gave him a hug
And a peck on the cheek,
And asked him really sweetly (kind of)
To play hide-and-go-seek.

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