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The Elevator Ride
or It's Only 25 Floors Down But It Seems MUCH Longer 
by Harriet Morgan (Apr 2009)

            Hi, Marianne. How was your day? Are you as tired as I am? Boy my feet are killing me. I cant wait until I get home and can take these shoes off. I loved them when I saw them at the store, but three inch heels arent the best for work! You know what I mean?


            Yes, I guess you do. Those shoes of yours look like they are at least three inches. Thats a beautiful sweater. I like your skirt too. Youre sure looking good today. Where do you find such attractive clothes for work?


            That new attorney is a mighty good looking guy, isnt he? I noticed he seems really smitten with you! Now dont you get all big eyed and act so surprised. You had to notice. I guess he goes for the Marilyn Monroe type. Thats probably why you wear such stylish clothes to work, to attract him. Im sure he has noticed.


            Whew! Im going to soak my feet and watch the 6:00 news when I get home. Then I guess Ill figure out what to do about my dinner. Dont you just hate having to decide what to cook each evening? Oh, I forgot, you live with your parents still. I guess your mother cooks for you. That would be so nice to go home from work, relax for a half hour or so, and then eat a nice home cooked meal that someone else prepared! Yes, that would be special!


            Do you think this silly elevator will ever get to the first floor? You know in such an up-to-date, modern building, you would think they could have put a faster elevator in! Oh, well, at least the day is over, and we can go home and put our feet up. Another day, another dollar, as the saying goes.


            Ill tell you I didnt sleep very well last night. My neighbors are really a loud bunch. They seem to have a lot of friends who stop over at all times of the day and night, beer drinking buddies, you know?


            Mr. Jackson certainly kept me hopping today. Hes a pretty demanding boss, but the pay is good and the perks, too. You know his wife has been sick a lot this winter. I hope shell be okay. Hes been grumpier than usual and I think its because hes worried about her. She sure is lucky the way he fusses over her and spoils her. Dont you think?


            I love Tuesday evenings. The best TV shows are on Tuesday nights. I like that new detective show with the woman detective. I think its funny how she always outsmarts all the men. Have you seen it yet? Whats your favorite show? Oh, here we are now. Time to get off and head home. Its been really nice visiting with you Marianne. Have a good evening. Ill see you tomorrow.

            Not if I see you first!


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