A Short Story on the Website of
the Red Dirt Writers Society

by Harriet Morgan (Sep 2007)

         “Good morning, class. I’m Mrs. Barr. Miss Culbertson is ill. Who can tell me what baby cats are called?”

          “My baby cat is called Snuggles.”

          “Oh, thank you, Maggie. That wasn’t exactly what I meant though. Baby cats are called kittens and, class, baby dogs are called …”


          “… and baby kangaroos are called kits.”



         “Hi, Maggie.”

         “Hi, Mommy.”

         “Did you have a good time in school today?”

         “Yes. Did you know that baby kangers, or something, are called kids?”

         “Uh, huh.”

         “Ms. Cuthberthsun was sick this morning.”



         “Julie, this is Tamara. Maggie said that Ms. Culbertson has morning sickness. Could she be pregnant?”

          “Gosh, I don’t know. Is she even dating anyone?”



         “I’m glad you called, Cara. Do you know anything about Ms. Culbertson, the kindergarten teacher?”

         “Not much, Julie. I think she’s a pretty good teacher.”

         “I understand that she might be pregnant and not married!”



          “Hello, Mr. Jones. This is Cara Brown. I’m concerned about your kindergarten teacher, Ms. Culbertson. I hear she is pregnant with a married man’s child!”



          “Ms Culbertson, I’m told that you are having an affair with the father of one of your students and are pregnant with his child.”

          “Goodness, I miss school one day with the flu and look what happens!”




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