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Having to Choose
by Joan Conley (Jul 2013)


Miss P and Miss Q loved each other, and they were closer than sisters. Miss P was as dark-haired and pale-skinned as Miss Q was fair-haired and tan. They both were enamored of police inspector R. He was an intense man whose own love was his job. He would often call on the young ladies in their apartment on a Sunday evening when he was off duty. Miss P saw the pained look on Miss Q's face when a case called him away. Miss Q heard the heavy sighs of Miss P when Inspector R related a dangerous situation with a suspect. This was Saturday. Miss P and Miss Q set the little table for Saturday tea. Miss P crushed the oleander leaves and made the tea. Miss Q brought the delicate little cyanide cookies she had made to the table on a china plate. They were seated and smiled lovingly at each other. Each thought of the Inspector. The tea was poured. The perfectly arranged cookies were placed in the center of the table next to the tea pot. "The tea smells wonderful," smiled Miss Q. "The cookies look delicious," graciously returned Miss P. When the Inspector arrived next day both women were cold on the floor. He saw the tea cup on the floor next to Miss P. He saw the cookie crumbs on the plate of Miss Q. He shook his head. "Well," he sadly mused. "Saves me having to choose."

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