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The Japanese Buffet
by Brian Neely (Sep 2007)

Wearing his customary black silk shirt and pants with a concealing sports jacket, he entered the restaurant and got a seat with his back to the wall.  The place was crowded tonight with people enjoying the exotic cuisine of the Orient.  The number of people would make his task even more difficult.  The waitress brought a drink and chopsticks, and she told him to help himself to the buffet.  He spent a few moments musing on whether chopsticks were eating utensils or weapons - in the right hands.

It was time to start paying attention.  His gaze settled on the far end of the buffet.  That is where his objective was going to be completed.  There were other customers filling the area.  He hoped that it would not get messy this time.

Bearing a tray, a kitchen worker, Mr. Jun Su Lok, entered the room.  He observed Jun and reflected on their past dealings.  He remembered that time about six months ago.

The timing for this objective was critical.  He decided it was time to move.  Standing and making his way through the crowded room, he stalked his prey.  He arrived at the buffet as Mr. Lok was lowering the tray.  Success!  He was first in line for the new batch of sushi.


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