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Tea Time
by Tatyanna Neely (Jan 2010)

        At first when her mom came in her room in the morning to wake her up, she had almost forgotten that her friends were coming over today. The invitations were out, and today was the party. Emily couldn’t wait! First she had to eat her generous breakfast. Then she had to tidy up her royal palace. After taking a royal brain break, she went to set up the tea room.

        “Mr. Teddy can sit here, Mrs. Honeycoats here, and lets see, Cloe will want to sit here by Miss Loveycakes. Now, I will sit by Miss Loveycakes and Miss Lucy,” Emily said as she walked around the table putting the name plates down where everyone was going to sit.

        As soon as she heard the doorbell ring, she jumped into her fluffy, fancy dress, flittering around her body as she moved. Everyone was dressed in their royal best! Cloe looked pleased as Emily told her how beautiful she looked in her yellow princess dress and the pretty bows her mom had bought just for today. Cloe also complimented Emily’s luscious curls and pretty pink dress. Emily said, “Thank you, so very much,” as Cloe’s mom left.

        “Would you like some more tea, Mr. Teddy?” Emily asked as she poured fake tea from her China teapot. Then, turning to Cloe, she asked, “Would you care for a delicious cookie?”

        “Oh, yes, very much so. Thank you!” Cloe whispered enthusiastically but politely.

        Emily’s mom watched and secretly took pictures of the party and, at the end of the day, of the royal princesses asleep. She printed the pictures off her computer and smiled, knowing that years from now Emily and Cloe would look back at them and see how truly beautiful and how great friends they were and always would be.


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